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Michael – board pageThe Marion Institute has asked me to generate a reading list. They think I am a voracious reader, and it is true, I am! And only of non-fiction. In actual fact, the MI started because of my sending out to friends and family articles that I read that I thought were worthy of sharing. I am “incurably curious” and I think to a fault! This initiative got more and more cumbersome for my secretary and the list of recipients larger and larger that I decided to form a foundation to support it. And from there it morphed into the glorious institution it is today. I shall submit some of the books that I think make for great, informative reading, and you will find the selection will be all over the map! Hopefully it has some beneficial purpose!

Until next time, happy reading!



Michael Baldwin
Co-Founder & President

PS: To purchase any of the books, please click on the cover image and you will be redirected to a retailer.


This is a riveting history of the ways in which cancer has been “attacked” and attempted to be eradicated. It starts with the famous Dr. Otto Warburg in the ‘20’s (who won the Nobel Prize) who believed fervently that cancer was caused by the metabolism gone awry, and then was forgotten and ignored. Increasingly the world is starting to see that Warburg is right. The theory will hopefully have an immense impact of the way researchers go after licking this dreadful disease.



This is a fascinating account of the history of  the Grail Story and especially of the Knights Templar, and also the Cathars and Albigensians. It is a startling revisionist accounting of what happened to Christ and the Magdalene as opposed to what the Gospels tell us. Very factual, brilliantly researched and HIGHLY controversial, but a truly fascinating read, whether you believe it or not!



An introduction to the approach of Tibetan Buddhist teachings on body-mind healing, including a new form of Buddhist meditation appropriate to the needs of modern westerners. The author, Tulku Thondup, is a Buddhist teacher of meditation who grew up from the age of five in  Dodrup Chen  monastery in remote eastern Tibet. From 1980 till 1983 he taught at Harvard and then settled in Cambridge,MA to write many books on Tibetan Buddhist teachings on meditation. This book, published by Shambhala Publications, available from Amazon, is a perfect introduction to the healing meditations of Tibetan Buddhist masters.


The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate―Discoveries from a Secret World
by Peter Wohlleben

This was a best seller on the intelligence of trees. The author alleges they have all the five senses, and one has to agree after reading. It is stunningly compelling.

I will have additional books on the intelligence of “flora”. All riveting!

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