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Each year, we ask our summer intern to share their recommended reading list with our supporters. This year, in light of the expanded down-time that some of us are experiencing due to the pandemic, we decided to include recommended viewing options as well. A lifelong resident of Marion, MA, Kari Marvel is entering her senior year at Tabor Academy. Below, Kari shares what’s she’s reading and watching this summer. Enjoy!

Little Fires Everywhere
by Celeste Ng

I picked this book off a list for my 11th grade English class not knowing very much about it. We had about a month to read our books and write an essay about them and it is safe to say I finished mine in a week.

Little Fires Everywhere follows two very different families in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Mia Warren is the single mother of Pearl. Mia and Pearl have moved at least once a year for Pearl’s whole life. In Ohio they meet the Richardson family. Elaine Richardson and her husband have four children that have grown up in the seemingly perfect town of Shaker Height. Elaine and Mia find themselves at odds with each other throughout the novel in every way imaginable.

This book captivated me with all of the characters’ secrets. Each person has their own secret, but these secrets do not stay undisclosed for long. As each secret is unravelled it leaves you wanting more, making it the perfect summer read!

(And yes, Little Fires Everywhere is also a miniseries, so if reading isn’t your thing, you can still get wrapped up in the drama by streaming the episodes on Hulu.)

Madam Secretary
on Netflix

Madam Secretary, one of my favorite TV series on Netflix, is a binge worthy political drama.

Elizabeth McCord, played by Téa Leoni, is appointed as Secretary of State and the series follows her, her family, and colleagues for six seasons. The sixth and final season was released onto Netflix in May. I sat on the coach for two days straight to finish the series! With its twists and turns the show leaves you on the edge of your seat, wanting more.

(Very timely in this election year as well!)

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