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Mushrooms: Mycotopia – Solutions to Global Hunger, Pollution, and Diseases with Tradd Cotter

The earth is more fragile now than ever. How can we tap deeper into the power of fungi to create powerful new solutions to many of the challenges that we face over the next millennia? Dreaming of a world free from starvation, global pandemics, and warfare? Fortunately we have received a transmission from the future just in time, and humans have worshiped mushrooms many times before, but it will take a modern team of empathetic leaders, a new political party, wielding disruptive, mycelial technologies, or game changing ways that fungi can change our world forever. From primary education of basic mushroom identification to militant mycologists targeting wood chip piles, Cotter examines the levels and connections needed to see this movement materialize, and suggests blueprints for improving and integrating fungi on every level, creating a powerful coexistence that is sure to empower and enhance the lives of all organisms that call planet Earth their home.

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