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The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System

by Dr. Melina Roberts ND, Advanced Naturopathic Medical Clinic

The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body. It cleans up tissues and moves toxins out of body.

It is our secondary circulatory system.

It plays an important role is supporting the immune system and treating inflammation in the body.

About 80% of the lymphatic system is housed in the digestive tract.

A new discovery has recently been made that has found lymphatic vessels directly connecting the lymphatic system to the brain. This means that if there are toxins or chemicals getting into the lymphatic system from the digestive tract, then the central nervous system can be vulnerable to circulating toxins, and can affect brain function. This shows the link between digestive health, our immune system and brain health through the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic fluids should be the consistency of water. When it’s congested it becomes more of the consistency of sludge. A congested lymphatic system can lead to lowered immune system, chronic infections, chronic inflammation and reduced detoxification capacity.

When trying to improve lymphatic circulation, it is important to understand the flow pathways of this closed system. We have a superficial lymphatic system that drains our head, neck, skin and breast tissue. Then we have deep lymphatic system that drains all of our deep vital organs. The superficial lymphatic system drains into the deep lymphatic system, the fluids filter through the liver and empty out the colon.

Therefore, in order to support proper lymphatic drainage, the deep lymphatics need to be activated, the liver needs to be supported and the bowels need to be moving effectively.

Dr. Melina Roberts is the author of Building a Healthy Child.

Dr. Melina Roberts was recognized as a TOP NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR by the International Association of Health Care Professionals that recognizes leading physicians in the world. She works at the Advanced Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Calgary.

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