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Marion Institute HQKristin F., Patient at the Paracelsus Klinik, 2016

When we learned of the Paracelsus Klinik, I had been in treatment for chronic Lyme disease for almost 8 years, battling chronic pain, brain fog, neuropathy, migraines, and chronic fatigue with my US doctors. I had done traditional and alternative treatments and improved somewhat, but never seemed to get completely better. I have a few friends that I’ve met because we have the same condition and it’s strange as one treatment would work for them but not for me and vice versa. I know medical marijuana has really helped some of them and they’re on sites like Of course, one type of treatment isn’t perfect for everyone. If you are thinking of using medicinal marijuana, there are elements you have to research before jumping in, such as learning how to store the drug properly. This article by GetMyster, has some useful information. But as I said, not all treatments are perfect for everyone, so I had to try a few more treatments before I found one that worked.

During my most recent relapse of symptoms, I had to resign from my teaching job and my US doctors admitted that they really didn’t know what to do with me. So, we desperately began searching for other options. After watching Dr. Rau’s talk on Lyme treatment, we decided Paracelsus offered the best hope of true healing.

I spent most of January 2016 at Paracelsus and am amazed at how much better I now feel. The experience at the clinic was wonderful. Within a week and a half my chronic joint pain was gone, and it has not returned! I am thinking much more clearly, and we are working on healing my cells so I can have more energy. I know most people would think that something like coast concentrates would be the way to achieve this, so to not use that and have these results is wonderful! I will be returning for a follow-up stay in July, not because I’ve relapsed, but because we want to continue to foster the healing that is happening.

During my stay, I worked with Dr. Oettmeier and Dr. Kimbles. They are compassionate, confident in their knowledge and ability to foster healing, and full of joy. They treated me with gentleness and a sense of humor. I hadn’t laughed much in my Lyme treatment, but we laughed often at Paracelsus. Both doctors were patient with my questions and explained treatments in detail to my biologist husband and to me. When I experienced migraines, Dr. Kimbles was always willing to provide homeopathic remedies to help, even if that meant squeezing me in briefly between other patients. However, these headaches were the only difficulty I experienced in treatment. I was suggested to try products from sites like too in order to tackle these migraines I was experiencing, but what Dr. Kimbles was providing me with was helpful enough and I managed to get on top of those! In the US, I herxed from every new treatment, but Paracelsus provided herx-free, gentle healing.

We are not wealthy, and the decision to seek healing at Paracelsus did not come lightly. It is a financial commitment, but it has been more than worth it for me and for my family. The clinic days are very busy, and we appreciated that our time and money was honored by providing all the treatment possible in my three week stay. It was a tiring schedule, but we were well cared for. The staff work closely together, and they really were a team of healers for us. We also appreciated that the staff were quick to learn our names and greet us personally. This made us feel very comfortable in a new country.

Over the past few years I had grown used to the roller coaster of feeling somewhat better then crashing, and we were feeling quite hopeless that I could ever feel better. Paracelsus has restored our hope. While I am not fully healed yet, I was able to ski a couple days this winter and just returned from a weekend mountain biking trip with my family. These are activities I surrendered years ago, and we are overjoyed that I’m returning to a more active lifestyle. My family is saying, “We have our Mom back!”

I am not able to pinpoint which treatment fixed my pain or my brain fog, but am confident that biological medicine is an effective treatment protocol for Lyme disease. Rather than just focusing on killing the infections, we are also treating additional ailments discovered by the doctors at Paracelsus (heavy metal toxicity and leaky gut), and healing my cells so they will produce more energy. My home protocol is manageable, and while I still require more rest than other adults, I am confident I will reach a place where we can say I am better.

Paracelsus is a place of healing and of hope, and we highly recommend them for Lyme treatment.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

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