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by Dr. Thomas Rau, Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

Hepatitis C is a disease which we “like” to treat, because we have very good results.

Many people around the world may be living with this disease without even being aware. Leaving this untreated could cause fatal damage to your liver function. If you have injected drugs into your bloodstream, or live with certain conditions such as HIV and Aids, it is recommended that you go for Hep C testing as soon as possible so you can receive the relevant healthcare services before the disease has any chance to get worse.

The majority of the patients get significantly better, from the standpoint of symptoms and also liver values. Normally, the virus count (viral load) decreases, although the virus does not fully disappear, it no longer damages the organ.

We approach the patient very differently than orthodox medicine, which more or less only provides Interferon to stimulate the patient’s white blood cells. We do this, too, but with other means – and with a multi level approach.

We try to follow the question: why do many people who are infected with the Hepatitis C virus, NOT get sick? Are there other factors which enable the virus to get more virulent? These factors we are searching for in each the patient.

Enabling factors for the Virus creating Hepatitis C:

  • Heavy metal load / Amalgam fillings / dental infections
  • Toxic load from drugs, other medications, alcohol, preservatives in food, etc.
  • Food allergies (lowers the immune system very much)
  • Lack of vitamins or trace elements
  • Intestinal disturbances, as wrong and toxic intestinal bacteria (Klebsiella / Pseudomonas/ Clostridia )
  • Unbalanced essential fatty acids
  • Very important and often another cause: other lymph or hepatic viruses and bacteria, such as Epstein Barr / Chlamydia / Cytomegalia, etc.
  • Genetically caused lack of antioxidative (antiviral) inner capacity: low interferon, etc.

The Liver normally is a fast rebuilding organ. This means, it has an enormous tendency and capacity to regenerate itself. This function is very often lowered and has to be rebuilt.

The rebuilding capacity can be stimulated by:

  • Diet: Dr.Rau’s anti-allergic up building diet. Has to be individualized according to orthomolecular, fatty acid and food allergy tests
  • Liver rebuilding natural remedies: Carduus marianus / Mucedokehl form SANUM, Catalysts from HEEL, high doses of phosphatidyle cholines and serine / Fatty acids, etc. / Selenium in high doses, etc.
  • Local and whole body hyperthermia
  • Pulsed magnetic field
  • Dr. Rau’s stimulation Neural Therapy to the liver segment
  • Natural antiviral remedies, as Dr.Rau’s Nosode drops / mistletoes, etc…
  • Increase of the immune system, with immune stimulation remedies: Utilin / Recarcin, etc., SANUM
  • Very intensive detoxification treatment to take load away from the liver
  • Intestinal up building – the best anti-viral agent is a healthy intestinal flora

The optimal treatment would include (not a must, but help very well): 1-3 weeks stay at Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle, Switzerland: evaluation and intensive initiation of the treatment. Afterwards, several months of continuation with the prescribed natural remedies on an individual basis and long term specific “Liver-Diet”.

All of these treatments work well in combination with an interferon treatment, but in most cases Interferon will not be required.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

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