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Are you looking for that perfect gift?  Is there someone on your list who has everything and you never know what to buy for them?  Are you looking for a way to add holiday cheer to the season?

We have the perfect gift, a gift that rewards you and your loved one with a year-long return.  Give a gift to the Marion Institute or one of our programs and you will be giving the gift of a more sustainable and socially just world by supporting our work.

Browse our “catalogue” of programs below.  When you make a donation we will send you a Gift Certificate that you can send on to the gift recipient.  Tell your loved ones that you care about them in a new, important and sustainable way.

Thank you and happy holidays from all of us at the Marion Institute!

The Marion Institute
For over twenty years the Marion Institute has focused on one thing – turning great ideas into action – all around the world. We worked to find creative ways to share important ideas with people who care about creating positive social change on a small scale and large. Help us continue to work on turning great ideas into positive social change.



Bioregulatory Medicine Institute (BRMI)
BRMI was founded to promote the science and art of biological regulatory medicine, and to increase public knowledge of bioregulatory medicine as a wholistic and evidence-based medical system.



BioMed Network
The Bioregulatory Medicine Network (BMN) is working to advance healthcare by expanding patient options for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness. With a focus on natural approaches to whole body health, BMN connects patients with health practitioners who are changing medicine and changing lives with their innovative approaches.



The Connector Series
The Connector Series brings thought leaders from around the world to the south coast of Massachusetts, to help share ideas and expand the impact of their work, locally and beyond. In small and large venues, we have introduced people with cutting edge ideas to audiences with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for positive change. These events have focused on health, social justice, sustainability, responsible business, and individual potential.



Energy Challenge
The SouthCoast Energy Challenge advocates for and engages with Low to Moderate Income households in New Bedford, to ensure that they have access to clean, affordable energy.



Greenhouse Initiatives
Our Fiscal Sponsor Projects:
Himalayan Project
Lawrence Arts House
Mass In Motion New Bedford
Mastate Charitable Foundation
Organization Unbound
Taktse International School



Grow Education
Grow Education is an innovative community gardening initiative that works as a hub for community action. Based at local schools in urban neighborhoods, the Grow Education gardens create strong points of connection between teachers, students, families, and community leaders. Sharing responsibilities and ideas, the program has been a highly effective tool for engaging immigrant families – from children to grandparents – in nurturing healthy gardens, strong families, and thriving neighborhoods.

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