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Paracelsus Klinik Lustmuhle

In Switzerland, around 37,000 people a year are diagnosed with cancer. I have been treating cancer patients with a variety of methods for 25 years. The best part of this therapy always lies in prevention. However, why should one make an effort, when one is free of any health complaints, to prevent something that is in the distant future and may never happen?

The media tends to rule out the ability to influence cancer before it appears and cancer treatment beyond operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are widely unrecognized. However, with a thorough study of the history of the individual, one can understand almost all types of cancer and how it developed, and prevent it by eliminating the causes.

Many known causes

It rarely starts in the womb, but there is no doubt that the type of birth whether vaginal or by C-section, a reduced nursing period, taking multiple antibiotics, vaccinations, viral infections, heavy metals, organic connections and life traumas, as well as other toxins taken deliberately or unwittingly, can all be causes of cancer.

Therefore, the general advice that for effective prevention includes not smoking, plenty of exercise, limited alcohol, a healthy diet, sun protection, protection from infectious diseases, metal-free dental treatment, avoidance of toxic environmental influences, as well as the early identification of genetic predispositions. Most people know that smoking is one of the main causes of cancer which is why most people try to quit. Unfortunately, it can be a hard habit to shake with addicts often turning to products like nicotine patches and vape cigs (click here for a vape starter kit). No matter how you choose to kick the habit, make sure you do it as quickly as possible. Paired with a healthy diet and lots of exercise, your chances of getting cancer should be reduced.

However, owing to the increasing number of factors effecting individuals, this is often not enough. We can already see children with autistic tendencies after, for example, receiving vaccinations, representing an immunological, in this case auto-immune disorder that may pave the way for future cancer. The two most important sources of life are proper breathing and complete nutrition, whereby wrong decisions are often made in early childhood.

Wide range of therapies offered by Paracelsus biological medicine

Today multiple detoxification processes have been developed for elevated heavy metal levels, as well as diets and detoxification programs for malnutrition or food allergies and intolerances. These therapies were developed in order to counteract the increasing burdens and the growing lack of release and detoxification.

It is not only possible, for example, to kill off viruses with ozone by means of autohemotherapy, it is also possible to restore damaged or destroyed cell complexes e.g. through magnetic therapy (especially ion induction magnetic fields).

Our doctors are trained to identify problem areas at an early stage and to develop programs to ensure that harmful illnesses do not develop in the first place. If one also takes into consideration the latest so-called epigenetic measures for normalizing faulty genetic programs in biological medicine, it is even possible to change what was previously considered a certain death sentence.

If you would like to learn more about the Paracelsus Klinik or are interested in becoming a patient, please contact Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at 508-944-5755 or

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