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0 lbs CO2 Per Year

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By saving paper and printing efficiently, you can greatly reduce your impact on the environment! You’ll save trees and water!

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Every day, tons of paper and energy is wasted, and it’s not helping our planet. Here are some ways you can reduce such waste: Print efficiently – use both sides of the paper! Lots of people print only on one side of the page, especially when in the office. Additionally, pack more on the page! Changing your default printing margins from 1.25″ to 1″ can reduce the amount of paper you use by up to 8 percent! Use recycled paper, which requires approximately 30 percent less energy to produce than conventional paper. By making these small changes, you can help the environment in a big way! For the production of one piece of A4-paper , it takes more than 10 quarts of water!

Place a note on your home or office printer to remind people to save paper and to print efficiently!

Printing on both sides of the page can significantly reduce your consumption of natural resources, while also lowering your office supply expenses.

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