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Could refrigerator seals be stealing your money? We don’t mean those adorable seal magnets you got on at the beach. The seals on your refrigerator help maintain the air barrier – and that air is what maintains the temperature (read more on how chillers work). Seals get worn out with age and use, so it is a good idea to keep them checked.

Here’s how to test the seals.

First, pull out that dollar bill in your pocket. Second, open the fridge or freezer door and close the door on the bill with enough showing you can still hold it. Now, pull the bill. If your dollar pulls out easily, it isn’t the first dollar that has escaped from your fridge. A refrigerator seal should hold the bill firmly.

If your refrigerator is not doing this then it would be the best option to get someone in to repair it like This is important because if the refrigerator seal is not working then it can cause foods to go off quickly and this can be costly and dangerous for people at the same time. Therefore, checking your refrigerator seals is vital to ensure more energy is saved and food safety is at the highest quality.

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