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Apparently, using fans instead of air conditioning will save…

900 lbs CO2 Per Year

$1,200 Per Year

This suggests that using fans from somewhere like in place of air conditioning is a great way to save money on your electric bill in those hot summer months.

It is true that air conditioning is a lot more expensive in comparison to just using fans, especially if your air conditioning is currently broken. However, I would always suggest looking into air conditioning repair and using air conditioning instead as it doesn’t always make sense to use fans as a replacement as they are nowhere near as effective as air conditioning. How many fans would you need if you had one in each room; and if the room was big, how many in each room to ensure a cool environment? How big would the fans need to be (as the small ones don’t seem to be able to do anything unless you hold it right up to your face)? Remember, fans only cool people, not rooms. The air feels cooler because it is moving across your skin. Fans do not lower the temperature of the air. This is an important factor to remember in the height of Summer when fans are only good for blowing hot air around a room. If you’re thinking that perhaps fans aren’t for you and that air conditioning is well worth the extra cost, check out AIR CONDITIONING BIRMINGHAM for a great service of installation. After all, it’s easier to sit in a room in comfort rather than getting backache from sitting hunched over a fan. Did we mention air conditioning prevents illness because it purifies the air? Alternatively, if you take a look at the reviews by Coolest Gadgets of a selection of portable AC units, you are likely to find one that not only does the job better than a fan but that is comparatively efficient to other AC systems available. You can also find one within your budget.

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