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Use products low in chemicals to avoid toxic contamination within your home.

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Using Eco-Friendly cleaning products will reduce toxins around your home, and help you to create a healthier living atmosphere. The best eco-friendly cleaning products are probably already in your pantry, and some of the best cleaning services, similar to this carpet cleaning Guildford service may even follow an eco-friendly policy. So, whether you decide to call in a cleaning service or do it yourself at home, at least you know there are eco-friendly products at hand for you to use. For example, using a simple mixture of baking soda and white vinegar is a terrific alternative and it’s cheap, costing pennies in comparison to big brand cleaning products. This Consumer Reports article lists the best homemade cleaning formulas. But, it’s also becoming easier to find affordable environmentally friendly cleaning products at your local grocery store. Check out the Consumer Reports “Green Buying Guide” to learn more.

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