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3200 lbs CO2 Per Year

$100 Savings Per Year

By giving your A/C a tune-up, you can help it run more efficiently while saving you money!

If you are among those warm blooded folks who really must have A/C in the summer time, you should know that A/C accounts for 50-60 percent of summer cooling costs, and make sure you are cooling efficiently. You can save between 10-15 percent on A/C energy costs simply by having an annual checkup. Be sure to click here or call an HVAC pro, who will replace the fluids and filters and clean the unit out. While the cost of tuning your A/C will vary depending on the size and model of your unit or system, many local professionals offer a free, no obligation estimate on the price of your job. Get that A/C running as smoohtly as the day you rolled it off the lot, and save on cooling costs this summer!

Call a local HVAC professional to schedule a free, no obligation tune-up estimate for your cooling system.

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