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by Jillian VanNostrand, R.N.,

Pursuing natural breast and prostate health care proactively can lead to an exciting path of self discovery and personal empowerment. At Seacoast Breast Health, thermography is the logical starting point of the journey.

This dynamic temperature test indirectly measures your nervous system’s regulatory capabilities, revealing areas of either blocked energy or inflammation. It gauges breast or prostate health via all the underlying organs and systems including lymphatics, lungs, kidneys, sinuses, liver, stomach, pancreas, small and large intestines, and includes as well specific check points for breasts and ovaries in women, and prostate and inguinal points in men.

Thermography reveals signature patterns for heavy metal poisoning, parasites, allergies, viral and bacterial loads, and chronic underlying dental health challenges, all of which profoundly affect everyone’s health and quality of living.

Your thermography test will also prioritize and suggest treatment therapies for restoring optimal regulation. These might include chiropractic and nutritional therapies, lymphatic drainage, colon therapy, acupuncture, biological dentistry, massage or yoga or other regulation therapies.

Finally, Dr. Joann Monteiro, D.C. provides you with a customized follow up treatment at the time of your test. Thermography is never used as a cancer diagnostic, but rather a health track baseline, generating triaged follow up suggestions for restoring regulation, whether or not you have a history of cancer. Thermography essentially gives you a way of tuning up your instrument for best overall outcomes. We recommend yearly thermography, with three month follow up after therapies in acute cases.

Seacoast Breast Health now delivers Thermography, including follow up treatment for $200.00. on Thursday mornings at Seekonk Family Chiropractic. Activate your health! Please visit and call 774-487-7082 for your appointment today.

Jillian VanNostrand, R.N.

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