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385 lbs CO2 Per Year

$91 Savings Per Year

Short Description

Turn your car off when you are not moving to save money and gas.

Long Description

There are a lot of misconceptions about idling your engine vs. shutting it off, but here are the facts.


Every second your car is idling you are using gas unnecessarily. It takes much less gas to restart your car than it does to leave it on for more than a few seconds. Whenever you have the opportunity–at drive thrus, when you pull over to talk or text, or when you run back to your house for that one last item– TURN OFF YOUR ENGINE.


Don’t forget: an idling engine is still actively drinking your gas! Save money on gas and reduce emissions: quit your idling!!


Idling gets you 0 MPG. Every minute idling spends the same amount of gas as driving 1 mile.


What it costs: Free!

How: Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to end unnecessary idling. What is necessary idling, you may ask? Well, so far there is no remedy for stop lights.

Recognize and be aware of situations in which you can shut off your car instead of leaving it idling, and turn those thoughts into action!

Congratulate yourself for saving energy and money, and making a difference in local air quality!

Idling is linked to increases in asthma, allergies, heart and lung disease and cancer.


Idling gets ZERO miles per gallon.


Idling for 1 hour burns nearly 1 gallon of gasoline.

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