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In-person educational workshop

How do you access your buried history in order to heal the present dis-eased state? What happened to you in the past – even the things you don’t recall — can have negative effects on your health later in life. As a result, we see how chronic illness becomes a byproduct of our conditioned past. It may show up as hypertension, disordered eating, diabetes, arthritis, depression, or even cancer.

The pathway to healing is to move the buried past into the spacious present.

During this weekend of education and application, you will:

  • Learn how trauma manifests as chronic dis-ease or dysregulation.
  • Understand Biological Medicine and the “Brain Protocol.”
  • Discover the role energetics play in your health.
  • Practice take-home skills to integrate and release trauma and anxiety.
  • Change the vibration of your body with voice, movement, and thought.
  • Gain personal knowledge about your own constitution.

… And more!

With this workshop you will get both education and application. Expect light-hearted learning with expert presentations plus personal exploration with guided trauma-informed movement exercises suitable for all. In an effort to marry the intellectual with the embodied, Dr. Thom and Julie Thom, will co-create a weekend of conceptual understanding and somatic experiencing that will ensure you leave with a deeper resonance for your own healing journey.

Through proven techniques rooted in natural and biological medicine, you will start to understand and hold the experiences of the past in order to move from dis-ease to optimal health. By attuning to your mind-body connection, you can begin to shift subconscious trauma histories to the conscious level in order to process, transform, heal, and grow! Hold it to heal it!

About the instructors:

 Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS, ND, lead instructor, is among the foremost practitioners and educators of Biological Medicine in North America today. Author of the book, Begin Again: Trauma, Disease, and Healing with the Brain Protocol and Biological Medicine, Dr. Thom has over 45 years of clinical experience helping thousands of patients overcome chronic illness and heal trauma.

 Julie Thom is a trauma-informed human movement specialist, wellness coach, and founder of Fitomize Fitness. She is also co-host of the podcast, “Connecting with the Thom’s”, with her dad, Dr. Dickson Thom.


About Omega

Courtesy of Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY,

Omega is a nonprofit, donor-supported, educational organization at the forefront of holistic studies. Located on more than 250 acres in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, Omega offers a wide variety of workshops, retreats, conferences, and professional trainings, in-person and online. Since 1977, more than one million people have come to Omega for reasons big and smallto spark creativity, explore spirituality, improve well-being, and connect to a community of lifelong learners.

Check out this short video where Dr. Dickson Thom discusses his latest book about how trauma underlies chronic disease.

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