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Most women don’t think about the impact of their periods on the environment, but modern disposable products are actually leaving quite an impact on the plane.


• The average American women can expect to produce 250-300 pounds of garbage in pads and tampons over the course of her lifetime.  This adds up to about $1,6oo dollars.

• A women will produce the same amount of waste in sanitary products as she will in plastics and paper cups and plates.

• The plastics on pads, and tampon applicators isn’t biodegradable, meaning that they will just sit in landfills for several hundred years.

• The cotton in non-organic pads and tampons (what most women use) have been soaked in pesticides, which can pollute water.


Although these facts are alarming, there are changes you can make.


• Tampons without applicators.  It is estimated that tampons without applicators produces 58% less waste.  For more information see

• Green tampons and pads.  Green opitons are “chlorine-free” and organic.  Check out these links if your interested  and

• Reusable Pads. This is what woman have used for hundreds of years before the disposable product industry took off.  However products the products are updated check out, and

• Reusable menstrual cups.  These last for 2-10 years depending on the brand and care.  They also can be worn while swimming and exercising like a tampon.  Some brands are,, and


If you are interested in learning more about greening your period or some of the products listed above check out the links below.







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