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Public lecture with Dr. Thomas Rau, MD.

First time in Vancouver! Watch Dr. Thomas Rau, MD, the Medical Director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland and world leader in natural and Biological Medicine, as he reveals his unique Swiss health plan for the prevention and treatment of disease.

Did you know that the root of your health starts in your gut?

He focuses on the link between the gut and chronic illness. He will also enhance your understanding about the food choices you make and the role that food has in wellness and overcoming chronic illness. Dr. Rau will explain the relationship between intestinal health and arthritis, autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma, inflammatory diseases, gastrointestional disease, cancer and much more…

Learn easy ways to transform your health for a lifetime!

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

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