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As part of our Southeastern MA Food Security Network – New Bedford City Fruit initiative, we have been posting regular tips from the City of New Bedford’s Arborist Chancery Perks.

BioBlog: Beyond Self-Examination – European Thermography for Breast Health

European Thermography vs. Mammography – It’s important to understand that European Thermography is a functional test that analyzes your breast physiology. Mammography is an imaging diagnostic that analyzes your breast anatomy. European Thermography reveals dysfunction and underlying causes, and mammography detects the presence of abnormal tissue density and growths.

September 2023 MI Newsletter

September is Hunger Action Month and this month’s newsletter gives you plenty of ways to help in the fight to get everyone in our communities the healthy, nutritious foods they are entitled to. Take action in whatever way works best for you, but please do something this month! And don’t forget to secure your tickets for our upcoming fundraising gala, Boogie at the Bog! To benefit Marion Institute’s newest program: Frogfoot Farm – Neighbors feeding Neighbors, a partnership with the A.D. Makepeace Comapny.

August 2023 MI Newsletter

Our August Newsletter highlights our 2023 Climate Summer Series events with links to videos of both talks: Jennifer Francis, Ph.D., “Climate Change and Our Communities” and Dave Wiley, Ph.D., “Climate Change and Our Oceans.” There’s also a link to our founder Michael Baldwin’s journey with BioMed as well as info on our upcoming party – “Boogie at the Bog”, a fundraiser for Frogfoot Farm – Neighbors feeding Neighbors, a farm-to-food relief partnership with the A.D. Makepeace Company.

Dave Wiley takes on climate change and our oceans

In our second installment of our Summer Climate Series, Dave Wiley, Ph.D., Marine Ecologist, spoke about his whale research in Stellwagen Bank and the impact a warming ocean is having on their behavior and their threatened food supply, the sand lance.

BioBlog: The Epigenetics of Health

For newcomers, epigenetics is a field of study that focuses on heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve changes to the underlying DNA sequence. The history of epigenetics can be traced back to the early 20th century.

Sippican School students to participate in outdoor classroom program

Young gardeners will be able to explore, learn and grow with Sippican School’s outdoor classroom program this fall. Students will learn first hand about earth science, agricultural sustainability and nutrition in the school’s garden classroom as part of the Marion Institute’s Grow Education program.

Marion Institute promotes local food this August

Want to test your will, form new food purchasing and eating habits, and have fun while doing it? Join the Eat Local Southcoast Challenge! WE challenge YOU to eat food from a 200-mile radius for 30 days, August 1 – 31, 2023.

July 2023 MI Newsletter

This is a biggie! Our July Newsletter announces the launch of our newest program – The Neighborhood Farm at Frogfoot, a collab with A.D. Makepeace Co. It will serve as a farm-to-food relief program benefitting Southeastern MA food pantries with fresh, nutritious, locally grown foods. We also launch our #EatLocalSouthcoastChallenge ! And more exciting events!

Talking climate at Marion Institute speaker series

Our first event in our summer series on climate was expertly managed by Jennifer Francis from the Woodwell Climate Research Center. The informative talk outlined the many challenges we’re all facing as our planet and it’s ocean’s rapidly heat up.

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