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by Dr. David A. Jernigan, Hansa Center for Optimum Health

Bacteria-Focused Treatments May Be Incorrect

In most Lyme disease treatment philosophies, the focus of every treatment revolves around the killing of bacteria and coinfections.

Whether the treatment is conventional antibiotics, botanical antimicrobial supplements, or antimicrobial rife-frequencies, all of these treatments focus on the “bugs” as the ultimate cause of disease, and their annihilation the ultimate cure. Is this treatment focus correct?

Clinical research suggests that in many of the people who experience long-term recovery from chronic Lyme disease, (CLD) the bacteria and coinfections played only a secondary role.

I believe the focus should be to propose a bio-centric, instead of microbe-centric focus in the treatment of people suffering from what is generally called CLD.

While many doctors and people can point to remissions in individuals brought about by antibiotic-type treatments, the ultimate role played by these drugs/supplements is over-glamorized, while the restorative functions of the human body is downplayed or ignored altogether. Health restoration is a function of the body, not a function of a drug.

In an illness where all LD laboratory tests demonstrate a high, false-negative rate, even in profoundly sick LD cases, the extensive antibiotic treatment and subsequent finding of a negative lab test means very little to validate the effectiveness of the treatment.

Having interviewed thousands of people treated primarily with long-term, natural, and conventional antibacterial medications, the vast majority of people report that they have nowhere near the quality of life they once enjoyed.

While bringing down the population of offending microbes is important, their complete annihilation is not ultimately what creates the restoration of optimum health.

Interestingly, when I spoke with the owners of two of the top Lyme research laboratories, each told me that they had never seen anyone’s blood tests completely clear of the Lyme bacteria, even after years of antibiotic cocktails, rife treatments, botanical formulas, homeopathic remedies, or silver products. Yet, many of the people tested had regained their quality of life for many years and were no longer considered sick.

It turns out we all have Strep bacteria in our respiratory tract, but we may never have “Strep throat.” This same Strep bacteria we were told could kill us…and it could in the right body environment. It is the same with LD. A person may always have the bacteria yet never have the disease as long as they maintain a healthy condition.

Just testing positive to having a certain bacteria or virus does not mean you will come down with a disease from that bug. Nor are you a ticking time bomb.

So much has been written by doctors and researchers about how to kill bacteria and dissolve biofilms.

It has been ingrained into our core beliefs that in Lyme Disease and other chronic infections that a person will not get well until all the bacteria are killed. This is a myth in medicine.

I guarantee that even if you could be irradiated, like a hunk of meat, and kill every single Lyme bacteria instantly, you would still have most if not all of your symptoms for a long time, if that was all you did. Health is not the absence of bacteria. It is the restoration of optimum coherence on every level of human existence.

While bringing down the bacterial population is desirable, the reality is that you will be well when the structural integrity and function integrity of the entire human organism has be restored.

So many people are dutifully taking their antibiotics, either prescription or botanticals, and running frequencies to kill various bacteria, and have been doing so for years wondering why they are not feeling any better.

For those of you who are doing a very much comprehensive approach and are still not getting well, that just means that either your doctors are missing some key issue, or time is what is needed for the body’s tissues to heal.

I ask that you consider every infection you have ever had. Generally, you might have taken an antibiotic for a short time, or just waited, and your body got over it. All of the bacteria and viruses were not completely killed, yet your body was able to control them and restore the balance.

Restoring Optimum Health

Following are two examples of doctors who have achieved lasting health restoration in many people previously diagnosed with LD by identifying the primary areas of interference.

It must be understood that optimum health is the point at which the body, mind, and spirit can adapt instantly and correctly to any changes in their internal and external environment. Loss of this adaptability arises prior to the occurrence of what is known as LD.

Every aspect of the human condition must be explored, identified, and corrected at its source before lasting health can restored.

Latent or recent infection with Lyme bacteria leading to the eventual diagnosis of LD, in each case, is secondary to the underlying interferences from either inherited or acquired disturbances to adaption.

Dr. Osvaldo Font, M.D. in Puerto Rico, who was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his development of Electro-Neuro-Medullar Therapy, has identified an electrical resistance or blockage in the spinal cord, which causes a short-circuit in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Once this accumulated energy is discharged and the current is restored, the neurological symptoms and pain fall away. It has been reported that Dr. Font’s treatments have facilitated almost 500 people to be able to get out of their wheelchairs, many of whom were previously thought to be suffering from chronic Lyme disease.

Dr. E. Mark Haacke, Ph.D. is the inventor of MRI-angiography, and is the leading expert on measuring the blood flow dynamics of the neurovascular system. He is the founder of International Society of Neurovascular Disease ( Dr. Haacke has research data soon to be published that defines findings associated degenerative neurological conditions such as MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurodegenerative diseases that are often associated with LD. His research reveals disturbances in vascular flow in the veins of the brain and neck, the ultimate correction of which has restored neurological function in people with previously diagnosed with M.S. symptoms, neurological diseases, autonomic disorders, pain syndromes, and Lyme disease.

There are many other doctors that could be mentioned for demonstrating how what was thought to be completely an infectious disease is actually a loss of adaption in the body, possibly set in motion originally by infection.

Every doctor trained in the healing philosophies of Biological Medicine is accustomed to seeing often rapid, and transformative restorations of health after correcting everything that is interfering with the body’s own restorative abilities.

The point here is to show that once the diagnosis is made of Lyme disease, 99% of doctors focus their primary efforts toward annihilating the bacteria and coinfections, and all of the other treatments revolve around that primary focus.

In chronic Lyme disease especially, it appears that the center of focus must be placed on restoring optimum coherence within the body, with the microbial issues being addressed as a secondary focus.

It is interesting that many people who would have adamantly defended the fact that they are sick because they have Lyme disease, had to agree that in the end the treatment of bacteria ultimately played only a small role in the restoring of their quality of life, once they were restored to health through the efforts of the doctors of the type presented herein.

People come to the Hansa Center from all over the world. They are damaged often beyond repair from the illness and the previous aggressive treatments.

At the Hansa Center, we do not specialize in the treatment of diseases, such as Lyme disease. We are never saying thus saith me you have Lyme bacteria and we are going to give you such and such remedy and kill the bugs for your body. We specialize in facilitating the restoration of what can be restored.

We definitely do not represent that we can get everyone well, nor keep everyone well. We are not God, nor do we desire to play God. What we represent is what we believe is the most ideal way to facilitate the body’s ability to heal. We cannot make any guarantee except that we will do all we can to undo the damage and relieve the suffering to the best of our ability.

There is no arrogance in Biological Medicine, just the humbleness of knowing how limited all of us in health care are in the total scheme of things.

This is the healing philosophy that I would suggest to my mother, sister, brother, wife, child, and father…as a matter of fact it is what they all have benefited from over the last twenty years.

Almost 100% of our patients have experienced the full gamut of huge amounts of antibiotics and show the damage, possibly permanent damage as a result. This damage may predispose them to recurrent infections, to say the least.

I feel that often people make less than optimal health care choices at the front end of their illness that set the tone for the rest of their lives. They then are greatly upset when we cannot put them back together. Better to adopt a more rounded treatment approach from the start, that may indeed include a short period of antibiotics, but carefully selected and balanced with the natural treatment techniques and philosophy expounded by those trained in Biological Medicine.

For people who are chronically ill and have been damaged from the illness and possibly their treatments, they need to do more than just “kill the termites”, but to “repair the wood” so they can have the most secure “house” possible.Your health should be your top priority. If you are going through a problem like termite infestation, looking into something like Termite Control Kansas City will help solve this problem, no matter how big or small. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your home and more importantly, your health.

I hope that those people who took a different path with less than optimal results might be able to advise others who are just diagnosed with an alternate path that might just help eliminate much needless suffering.

For additional information, click the link to view Dr. Jernigan’s lecture, “Helping the Body Beat Lyme Disease”.

This article was used with permission from Dr. David A. Jernigan of the Hansa Center for Optimum Health.

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