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Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.02.54 AMThe Energy Office oversees all energy activities for the City and its residents through its programs and initiatives. These activities include programs for energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation initiatives and our electricity supply.

One of the key programs of the energy office is its residential program, New Bedford Energy Now (NBEN), which was created in 2010. NBEN’s mission is to bring the cost reductions and associated emission benefits of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electricity supply directly to all our residents and small businesses within the city. NBEN is our residents and small businesses “One Stop Shop” for all things Energy.

Since its inception, NBEN has served over 3,500 families and small businesses through its programs addressing energy efficiency and solar. The result of all this activity is that our residents have realized an aggregate annual savings of over $388,000. And the key driver to all this success has been the partnerships with local community groups and organizations that have made NBEN and the City a national leader.

Together, we are creating an equitable green economy, saving money and reducing our impact on the environment by participating in the NBEN programs of energy efficiency, solar energy and energy supply.

NBEN is here to provide education and guidance to each New Bedford resident for all your energy questions.
Call Ken Ramos, NBEN Community Energy Coordinator, 508-991-6193

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