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0 lbs CO2 Per Year

$204.60 Savings Per Year

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Laptops are a great computer choice since they use less energy than desktops! Not only that, but laptops can be carried around in leather laptop bags and are portable unlike desktop computers. Of course, they still come with their downsides: you won’t get as much power as you would in a computer of the same price, and laptops tend to be more susceptible to overheating and minor technical faults. However, problems with data storage are common across both laptops and computers. Any issue resulting in data loss may be able to be solved with the likes of SAN server recovery services or other specialist services that restore data.
Long Description

What type of computer do you use? Laptop? Desktop? You might want to consider purchasing a laptop as your next computer. A laptop is a great computer choice because they consume less energy than a desktop computer, all while being conveniently portable! You can get many accessories for laptops, these include travel cases, cooling stands and mice! The standard trackpad that comes with most laptops is a joke! They’re very small and it can be hard to right click most of the time. You can buy mice or a CKS industrial pointing device which fixes the problem. Another accessory that would be a must have, Privacy filters for laptops.

When it’s time to upgrade to a new computer, check with local recycling programs to see about recycling your old one, and check out some of the new energy efficient models!

On average, a desktop costs $22 per month to run, while a laptop only costs an average of $4.95 to run. Additionally, computers are responsible for producing an estimated 2 percent of the worlds CO2 emissions annually.

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