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2000 lbs CO2 Per Year

$308 Savings Per Year

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INSULATING YOUR HOME properly can help reduce heating and cooling costs. However, if you have a heating leak in your home, you will need to contact such professionals as Peace Heating And Air Conditioning to make sure that your home is not working against the insulation and skyrocketing your bills in the process. If you are under a home warranty, your heating system may be covered depending on your set plan. If you are not covered, you will need to take the appropriate steps in making sure that you are. There are home warranty colorado plans, Texas plans, Utah plans, the list is endless for you to get the necessary cover for your home.

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“You should turn off your fluorescent lamps if the space is not going to be occupied for more than a few minutes (3-5 minutes is a good rule of thumb). The modern electronic ballast and T8/T5 lamp combination do draw a higher level of current during startup, but it only lasts for a fraction of a second, which is negligible compared to normal current requirements of the lamps.

Leaving fluorescent lights on when you leave an area is one of those myths from the ’70s that has somehow survived to this date. In fact, occupancy sensors (like those installed by companies such as are routinely used with fluorescent fixtures to turn the lights off when no one is in a room.

A bigger concern here may be the impact of frequent on/off cycles on the lamp’s life. This does shorten the lamp life somewhat. However, leaving the lights on all the time also reduces the lamp life. In fact, it has been shown that even though occupancy sensors reduce the lamp life as measured in total hours, they actually extend the replacement cycle of the lamps because the lamps operate only during those hours that are needed.

According to the Electric Power Research Institute, not only does turning off fluorescent lights reduce lamp replacement costs, it also reduces electric bills. For example, turning off an F40 fluorescent lamp for only one-half hour a day can save about $4.00 (based on 8 cents/kWh) in energy over the life of the lamp. In fact, the money saved by this routine is typically more than the price of a new lamp.”

Fuel Lbs of CO2 per Million Btu Heat Rate (Btu per kWh) Lbs CO2 per kWh


Bituminous 205.300 10,128 2.08

Sub-bituminous 212.700 10,128 2.15

Lignite 215.400 10,128 2.18

Natural gas 117.080 10,414 1.22

Distillate Oil (No. 2) 161.386 10,414 1.68

Residual Oil (No. 6) 173.906 10,414 1.81

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