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by Ian Kennedy, True Wellness

I get the best reactions when I say to clients, “Do you know you have three brains?”  There is the one everyone accepts as the brain, the mass of gray matter that floats in our skulls. Indeed that brain is the central nervous system’s control center, the storehouse of knowledge, the receiver of pain signals, and the learner of information. It is also the organ that keeps tabs of where we have parked the car, sometimes.

There are however, two other brains in the body. These are the enteric brains which are just as important to our functioning, but with much less status as organs of information. These organs are the heart and the gut. Each is made up of around 60% neurological cells, which are identical to brain cells. The heart is an enteric brain sending more electrical information to the brain, about 400 times more, than the brain sends out to the rest of the body. Yes, I said your heart talks to your brain before your brain talks to the rest of your body. All of this is done at the speed of light. Our heart is the organ of oscillation as well the organ of rhythm. The  heart sets a variability that is influential over our health and our wellbeing. When the heart rate is variable, that is the rhythmic beats and pauses between heart beats, there is wellness.  If our variability is diminished, the function of the autonomic nervous system is affected negatively.

The heart also retains information, a heart memory of sorts. This was shown in dramatic experiments at HeartMath Institute where subjects were hooked up to EKGs and other devices to measure body and brain responses. The subjects were shown pictures of frightening or traumatic incidents, like snakes striking and car crashes, as well as pleasant pictures of puppies and sunsets. The computer would flash the photos randomly. It was found that the heart responded by slowing down five seconds prior to the appearance of a highly stimulating picture. Every subject showed the same neurological response. Our heart sets up our system to deal with fight or flight or relaxation of the autonomic nervous system, just split seconds before the event. The flow of information that moves through the body can be understood as heart information sent to the brain. Brain information is then sent to the gut to produce a body response.

At True Wellness we incorporate this understanding of the 3 brains with each client, and we individually assess and use many different techniques to reestablish the proper communication of information throughout the body. Just as Dr. Rau has always taught us, we consider the individual not the disease when treating biologically. We look forward to helping each of you with your communication.

Ian Kennedy
True Wellness of Pa.

577 Bethlehem Pk
Montgomeryville PA 18936

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