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Radical self care is not self indulgence. It is the heart and soul of having a full cup so that you can have plenty to give, give in good spirit, and go for the long haul. Living in SOS (survival overdrive syndrome) can lead to health problems that prevent us from being our best at the work with do and for and with the people we serve. This talk flips overwork on its back and returns the gift of permission to pause back, for a healthier life, and more productive service.

Often times, when at work, stress can become overbearing. This is where productivity can decrease and absenteeism can increase. To try and overcome some of this stress, there are multiple methods that can be tried. For example, some people find that taking some products by sec can help them to manage the stress they’re experiencing. Of course, there are always other things that can be done to face the stresses head-on, such as asking to delegate some of the work, lessening the responsibility on yourself. You may also think about how to destress when you get home after a hard day’s work.

Many people find that exercising and doing recreational activities can help to relieve stress while at home. While others may look for alternative methods such as cannabis and cannabis-based products like girl scout cookies weed, and other products in order to destress from their day. These products can be consumed in many ways and form, while munching cookies sounds yum, ingesting cannabis through vaporizers like the PAX 3 vaporizer is also another way to go. Ultimately it is up to you how you choose to manage your stress once you’ve identified the issues.

This talk will help people to identify stress and how to manage it. This is how to hack your stress.

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