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Dorian Yates1-250x404Green Earth Guide: Traveling Naturally in Switzerland is written for the twenty-first-century traveler with a conscience. The Swiss Guide is the third in the award-winning Green Earth Guides series to Western Europe.

As in the Green Earth Guides to France and Spain, author Dorian Yates covers where to eat, sleep, shop, relax, do yoga, and sightsee in Switzerland with a focus on local and organic foods, public transport, low-carbon recreation, alternative health services, organic vineyards, and ecological businesses. Written in a friendly, accessible style with personal anecdotes, how-to travel tips, and practical information, Yates helps travelers leave a small footprint wherever they venture into Switzerland. If this guide inspires anyone to visit Switzerland, people could always consider booking a trip out there. Perhaps some people would even like to book more luxurious transportation, such as a private jet. By visiting, people can look for online private jet rentals to see if they can enjoy a more comfortable flight over to Switzerland.

Visit Dorian Yates’ blog to find out more about the book or get it from Amazon.

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