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by Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director, Paracelsus Clinic

Unfortunately, contemporary orthodox medicine is becoming more and more disconnected from what patients really need. People today suffer from different complaints than people 20 or 30 years ago.

Our society’s health situation differs significantly from what our grandparents experienced.

  • Throughout this period, the average amount of protein being consumed per day has increased from 45 to 132 grams, which is the main cause for all diseases of civilization – as well as the wide-spread phenomenon of over-acidification (which could be eliminated by simple dietary change).
  • At the same time, the average amount of naturally ingested vitamins and minerals consumed has been reduced by a quarter, which causes early cell degeneration. This shows up as cardiac problems, joint inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. It could be eliminated by orthomolecular medicine or simply by a biological, vegetarian diet.
  • In our culture, the average amount of sugar consumed has increased eightfold, in the US even tenfold. Consequences are diabetes, cerebral diseases and an increasing number of cancer patients.
  • The consumption of cow’s milk protein has tripled. 6 to 9 times more highly allergenic lactoglobulin is being consumed in the modern diet. This causes asthma, allergies and chronic inflammation.
  • Today, ten times more highly toxic dental root treatments are being performed than in 1976. Since copper-amalgam has been introduced to the market, the annual rate of new multiple sclerosis cases in the US has increased from 8,300 to about 120,000.
  • Consequently, in our opinion people today are toxically sick and suffer from intestinal sickness.

Numerous drugs are actually needless

Taking a look at which drugs generate the highest profit globally reveals that all of these substances are actually dispensable and in the long run very frequently account for secondary diseases.

  • Group 1: number one is cholesterol-lowering drugs. Just the bestseller, Lipitor, yields an annual profit of 18 billion US dollars. No statistically verified preventive effect on cardio-vascular diseases has not been provided. The side effects: muscular pain and even fibromyalgia, impotence, polyneuropathy, hepatic disorders. Not to mention the side effects of suddenly stopping lipitor which are significant. We do not even need this group of substances because lipid metabolic disorders can be counteracted with vitamins, dietary changes and bitterns.
  • Group 2: antidepressants: drugs that affect the serotonin metabolism (serotonin = the “happiness hormone”). However, said metabolism is related to an intestinal mucosa that is affected by subthreshold inflammations. Vegetable oils and essential amino acids, minerals and the avoidance of food allergens serve to improve the body’s production of serotonin – depressions will go away. So, might depression actually be an intestinal and metabolic disorder? Sounds bizarre, but sometimes it is!
  • Group 3: a mega-market: anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. Chronic inflammations are caused by the circumstances specified above and can easily be counteracted by treating the “roots”. No one wants to deal with pain, but unfortunately, this is something that many people have to go through after a procedure or an injury. With this being said, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer in silence, not now that there are products such as hemp extract available for anyone who struggles with daily tasks due to their pain. You may not have thought about this as a solution, but it may be something worth looking into if you have had enough of the pain. Simply getting a diagnosis and searching up treatment options can help. For example, Dr. Tony Mork specifies in back injuries and the issues that arise from such pain, such as a herniated disc, and gives advice on how to treat such issues. This is a great option for you if you’re struggling with back pain specifically. Remember, there is pretty much a solution for everything these days. You just have to ask. It might take a few months but sooner or later the very most anti-inflammatory drugs simply become dispensable. That is why chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis, autoimmune diseases or chronic pain syndromes can be treated so effectively with Biological Medicine. To that comes – and this is indeed disastrous but scientifically no longer questioned: chronic inflammations are the cause for numerous cancer types.

And please remember: despite being treated with these strong-selling groups of drugs all over the world, the cases of cancer and cardiovascular diseases are increasing. With respect to numbers, autoimmune chronic inflammations are the disorders that grow the fastest. And in the US, the life expectancies among adults have been decreasing almost dramatically since about eight years!

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