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by Dr. Thomas Rau, Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

The physicians of the Paracelsus Clinics advise against the annual flu inoculation publicized everywhere, since it contains living virus particles and protects a person from only the one virus, which one assumes, causes the flu wave of the appropriate year. In several of the last years however, it happened that one got the “wrong” virus and that multiple inoculations led to a weakening of the immune system. Besides, the conventional flu inoculation in no way protects against all other viruses, which cause most colds.

The conventional flu inoculation however, often leads to side effects and it is not yet understood which long term effects these yearly new cultivated viruses will have. It should be considered that each virus inoculation infects humans with a long time active, genetically changed virus, whose long-term effects are not completely known. Many early, very intensively publicized virus inoculations have, after many years, showed their insidious late effects, so that they had to be taken off the market; for example, the polio or the smallpox inoculation. It is also meanwhile well-known, that the measles inoculation with children can lead to heavy, longlasting neurological disturbances. Something similar is also assumed today with the hepatitis B inoculation. We annually receive reports from patients that they feel unwell over long periods of time or have gotten, for example, lung problems and/or conditions of general weakness, straight after the conventional flu inoculation.

We cannot judge all this finally but find however, that the flu never represents sufficient risk as a “normal” illness to expose oneself to such a potential long-term risk of the inoculation! The individual benefit is disproportionate to the possible risk.

Therefore, we have developed a therapy over many years, by which the immune system is strengthened purposefully against viral diseases of every kind, by a combination of different homeopathic and immune stimulating remedies:

We have used these Paracelsus immune strengthening injections for several years, because:

  • Most patients had no infectious diseases in the respective winter
  • All patients bore these inoculations in the best way and had no side effects
  • The inoculation is purely biological and contains NO virus components or toxic preservatives
  • The Paracelsus Flu Prophylaxis strengthens against all infectious diseases
  • The inoculation does not affect other therapies negatively and may be also made with ill persons.

The Paracelsus Flu Prophylaxis is not an “inoculation” but an immune stimulation and nosode therapy and contains the following materials:

  • 1 Amp. Utilin D6 (Bacillus subtilis) – (a Sanum immune-stimulating remedy
  • 1 Amp. Echinacea compositum (a Heel remedy which contains most of the known immune stimulating
  • plants)
  • 1 Amp. Flu Nosode Injeel (a detoxifying remedy for various flu viruses)
  • 1 Amp. Quentakehl (a Sanum remedy for the general treatment of viral illnesses)
  • 1 Amp. Engystol N (a Heel remedy for the activation of non-specific immunity)
  • ½ Amp. Lidocain 1% à 2 ml
  • ½ Amp. Ancopir (a vitamin B complex preparation, with B12 and long-term effect)

The injection is administered into the muscle at approx. 4-6 week intervals, maximally 3 x per winter, usually however 1 to 2 times.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

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