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Ready to start saving energy? The first step is to calculate your current carbon footprint.

Pick a topic to explore more and check out the energy saving roadmap.

Saving Energy at Home – The home accounts for more than 20% of your carbon footprint and homes create 1/3 of world wide human carbon emissions. No wonder why the idea of buying vacant land seems appealing to anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint. At home, you can reduce, reuse and recycle loads of unwanted bits at home. You could get new double glazing windows from Graceland Windows and Doors to help reduce your energy intake and you could better keep track of that by checking out timing relays ( to better manage their energy costs. Even more, ignore fast fashion. Give your clothes away and buy vintage clothes! So if you are really into saving energy and electricity within your home, and care about the environment around you, then check out some top tips from sites like

Saving Energy in Travel – Thirty percent of your carbon footprint comes from travel, mostly to and from work. Learn how you can keep your mode of transportation at its highest performance. Carpooling or using public transport can really reduce your footprint. To go the extra mile, cycling and walking won’t impact the eco system at all!

Saving Energy with Food – At least 16% of your carbon footprint comes from food and eating, so try not to waste any. Here are some ways to lower your food’s carbon footprint.

Saving Energy with Stuff – The things we buy and use account for about 1/3rd of carbon footprints. Learn how to shop smart and recognize products that represent your desire to save energy and money.

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