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1102 lbs CO2 Per Year

$209 Savings Per Year

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Drive and maintain the speed limit

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Drive the speed limit, and save gas and money! While each vehicle reaches its optimal fuel economy at a different speed, gas mileage decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 miles per hour. According to, “you can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional 29¢ per gallon of gas.”

That is not to say that you should cruise around town at 60mph, however! Speed limits exist for good reasons. It is common knowledge that speeding leads to dangerous accidents. Invariably, committed lawyers at firms like lamber goodnow will do everything in their power to seek justice for the victims of reckless driving. Please don’t be under the illusion that speeding does not have consequences of a serious magnitude. Drivers wouldn’t have the excuse to speed if there were safety precautions already in place on the roads. For example, if things like speed bumps and traffic control were situated in places where speeding is most likely to take place, it could help them to keep their speed down, as well as keeping those people around them free from harm’s way at all times. Not only is speeding unsafe, but using your brakes excessively also drives your fuel efficiency way down, and increases wear and tear on your vehicle. Rapid acceleration and braking both take a heavy toll on gas mileage. The main point here is that speeding is never a good idea for a driver to do just to get to a destination quicker. It is highly dangerous and can cause a multitude of problems not only for themselves but for other people too. If you get stopped by a police officer and if you get a speeding ticket from it you’ll need to do exactly as they say and abide by the law of your state. You more than likely will have to appear in court to either argue your case or plead guilty. So don’t speed at all because it’ll just cause more problems for you than you need and you’ll be doing the right thing keeping to the speed limits.

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