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Choose to live335x500-211x315Life is good for Joyce and Kevin–traveling, having fun with friends, holding down a successful Wall Street career, building their dream home and planning a big family. Then, in what feels like an instant, the young couple’s dream life shatters when Kevin is paralyzed after a brain hemorrhage and they are both diagnosed with late–stage cancers. At 35 years old, they are devastated to learn there is little hope they will see their baby’s next birthday.
Take an amazing and inspiring journey with this young couple who refuse to accept the grim diagnosis when their world comes crashing down around them. Instead, they choose to live. And together, miraculously, they beat all the odds–Kevin is walking again and they both are cancer free ten years later.
Discover the keys for your own health and well-being. By healing the body from the inside out, you can live a life brimming with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Awaken to a world that few know even exists–and where anything is possible.

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