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Paracelsus 115Explanation of Biological Tumor Therapy
and reasons for the application of alternative medicines and treatment modalities for biological cancer therapy

Alternative tumor therapy or more correctly called holistic cancer therapy, starts with the healthy organism, by improving cellular regeneration, removing blockages to healing and treating all factors blocking the immune system. The human regenerative forces are improved by adding substances that promote normal cell regeneration, but do not increase tumor cells, which follow other metabolic processes.

We therefore favor the respiratory chain, the normal mitochondrial metabolism (tumor cells have no mitochondria and have high glycolytic rates). To do this, we need trace elements, metabolism-enhancing drugs such as mistletoe, immuno-biological preparations and the leukocyte activity-stimulating bacterial products from bacterial components. Biological tumor therapy can only be performed by attacking, on a broad basis, several points of cell metabolism and the immune system. Therefore we need to combine several drugs with different mechanisms of action.

The Biological Cancer Therapy of the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle is based on decades of experience and has developed strongly with time. It includes several modalities, which have a strong effect in their interaction:
There are always three components:
• Treatment against cancer cells and metastasis prevention
• Strengthening of the immune system
• Identifying and fixing of the pro-cancer causes

It cannot be said therefore, of any single measure, that it acts alone against cancer. There is no single measure, which in the long term, helps against cancer: neither radiation, chemotherapy nor surgery because only the cancer cells are treated but not the causes and certainly not the immune system.

The combination of our methods with standard cancer therapy
Conventional medicine only works against cancer. The methods are partly effective, but have massive side effects. However, we don’t discourage any patient from doing standard cancer therapy in combination with our methods. But we do discourage only standard cancer therapy.

The tumor therapies of Paracelsus clinic work on other levels and go very well together with orthodox oncology. We have trained oncological doctors in our team.
On the effectiveness of individual therapies
We are often asked about the effectiveness of one or the other “holistic” cancer therapies – and unfortunately there are too many offers, especially via the Internet, which over praise individual therapies which, most of the time, do not lead to real successes.

After more than 20 years of intensive development of biological cancer therapies at the Paracelsus Clinic, we can clearly say that a holistic cancer therapy only works when the different modalities of treatment are individualized and used long term. Nutrition and detoxification are always of great importance, as well as the consistent treatment with antioxidants (vitamins, trace elements, and alkalinity).
There is, as mentioned above, no individual method, which works well, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Our firm view is that every patient who uses orthodox oncology should at the same time have an intense and very individualized biological-medical cancer therapy.

Our patients are irradiated only for specific indications, certainly not all patients are chemotherapeutically treated and we have a very low incidence of hospitalization. As such, biological tumor therapy is a cost effective measure. The coverage of the costs can therefore be requested from insurance companies and is indeed entitled.

The most important applied forms of therapy for cancer patients in the Paracelsus clinic:
• Intensive diet therapies / dietary advice
• Whole-body hyperthermia (also called exogenous fever therapy)
• Hyperthermia, local, intense: (Oncotherm or Indiba device)
• Magnetic field therapy, pulsating, different intensities
• Immune stimulation and immune modulation with SANUM therapies
• Base infusions (bicarbonate) with medicinal additives
• Oral, intense biological tumor therapy combinations, antioxidants
• High-dose vitamin C infusions (in combination with alkaline infusions)
• EDTA infusions by acute toxic load and also after chemotherapy
• Mistletoe therapy
• PAP IMI (ionic induction therapy), a very strong treatment modality
• Intra- and peri-tumor infiltration therapy, including low dose chemotherapy
• Fresh cell extract (cell therapy): Stimulation of the adrenal glands, blood formation, Thymus
• Photodynamic therapy (PDT) and local laser treatments for skin cancer
• Chemo-sensitivity investigations are possible and related advice
• Holistic detoxification and dental foci therapies are of great importance
• Hapten therapies (Antigen therapy in case of carcinogenic bacteria)
• Mediation of acquainted chemotherapies in special cases possible
• Oncological second opinions can be made.

The Biological therapy of cancer is an extremely individualized therapy. All of our physicians and doctors are schooled in conventional medicine and can therefore very well prescribe a combination of the different therapies and also integrate them into any orthodox methods.

The Paracelsus clinic is the only clinic in German-speaking countries, in which such a wide variety of various cancer treatments and cancer diagnostics are possible.

In particular, we have the opportunity to clarify the various loads and tumor causes, which are virtually never examined in orthodox oncology:
• Carcinogenic hormone stresses
• Toxic, organic and heavy loads
• Lack of own body cancer prevention (genetic testing of ant-oxidative performance)
• Presence of oxidative stress
• Defense weaknesses (adrenal weakness, immune deficiency)
• Bowel situation and hidden food allergies (impact on the immune system.)
• Dark field microscopy, a fascinating early investigation
• Testing of the autonomic nervous system, whose weakness precedes cancer.
• Thermo-regulation-diagnostics (Alfa Thermo-diagnostics)
• Genetic testing (like the DNA testing Los Angeles offers, for example) to detect the detoxification capacity of cancer tendencies
• Heavy metal analysis and organic-toxic analyses and retained
• High resolution tumor sonography (ultrasound) with vascularization identification
• Measurement of oxidative stress and cell damage (Revelar testing from June 2013)

We thank you warmly for your interest and confidence in the Paracelsus clinic and its therapies.

For the rest of the team of more than 90 employees:

Thomas Rau, M.D.
Medical Director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

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