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1600 lbs CO2 Per Year and $0 Savings Per Year

Plastic bags are made using oil and disposed bags litter our oceans. You can make a difference; bring your own reusable bag when running errands! And if you easily forget to do this, then don’t worry you could easily download something like this beyobee app to help remind you to take your bags with you when you go shopping. However, you may want to buy a bag of your own such as a drawstring from sites like, these bags are easy to use and so comfortable to wear, you can fit lots of stuff in there and they are so comfortable.

Every day, millions of plastic bags are used once, then tossed-the cost to you and to our planet is huge. According to the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags each year. They are energy and resource intensive both to produce and to dispose of. Less than 3% of all plastic bags are recycled after use; the rest go to landfills, tarnish our landscapes, and pollute our oceans. Bring your own bags to the grocery store and other shops, and limit this waste. A cotton or nylon reusable bag, be it a personalized photo bag or otherwise, may eliminate 1,500 plastic bags during its lifetime. Many stores give an additional 5¢ discount off your purchase for each reusable bag you bring in! Less than 5% of Americans use reusable bags. Please help change that: next time you run to the store, BYOB-bring your own bag!

What it costs: Free! Or, if you don’t yet own a reusable bag, you can pick one up inexpensively at many locations, including your local food store and retail shops.

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