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Buy it, use it, trash it, repeat.  In our culture, one time use, is a reoccurring theme in products.  This behavior produces extra trash, is wasteful, bad for the environment, and costly.  So next time instead of buying or using a disposable product, instead try using something a little more eco-friendly.  In order to help you out, I’ve complied a list of some common disposable products, an eco-friendly alternatives.  Let us know what you think.

  • Paper  towels  –  towels, old rags
  • Tissues  –  handkerchief
  • Disposable razor  – straight razor with resharpen-able blade, or electric razor
  • Batteries  – re-chargeable batteries
  • Plastic/paper plates and utensils  –  regular plates
  • Ballpoint pens  –  refillable pens
  • Diapers  – cloth diapers
  • Plastic shopping bags  –  cloth shopping bags


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