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DISCOVERING THE SCIENCE OF SELF-HEALING: An Exploration of Bioregulatory Medicine, October 2019         

Over half of the world’s population is afflicted with some form of chronic or degenerative illness. Heart disease, autoimmune disease, diabetes, neurological conditions, cancer, Lyme disease―the list goes on. The conventional, allopathic, treat-the-symptom-with-pharmaceutical-drugs model is rapidly falling out of favor as patients are searching for nontoxic, advanced prevention and healing modalities that actually address the root cause of illness.

On October 2 and 3, 2019, the Marion Institute hosted a panel discussion featuring some of the foremost experts on biological regulatory medicine and the authors of the book “Bioregulatory Medicine: An Innovative Holistic Approach to Self-Healing”: Dr. Dickson Thom, DDS, ND; Dr. James PM Odell ND, OMD, L.Ac; Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot, ND; Dr. Frank Pleus, MD, DDS, OMFS. The authors were joined by special guest panelist Dr. Hennie Fitzpatrick, MD from the American Center for Bioregulatory Medicine and Dentistry in Providence, RI, and the events were moderated by Liz Wiley, Executive Director of the Marion Institute.

Over 150 people packed the ballroom at the Hotel Providence in Providence, RI for the first event on Wednesday evening. (For the full video of that evening’s presentation, scroll down.) The following night, a more intimate gathering took place at The Spire Center for the Performing Arts in Plymouth, MA. The panel covered a wide range of topics, from providing an overview on how a visit to a Bioregulatory center differs from a visit to a traditional allopathic doctor’s office to more in-depth discussions on how bioregulatory medicine approaches chronic Lyme disease with non-invasive diagnostics and treatments that have had encouraging results. The doctors used patient case studies to help show biomed theory in practice, providing a very informative presentation and inciting many questions during the audience Q&A.

Copies of the Bioregulatory Medicine book were available for purchase, as were other titles from past Connector Series speakers; all are available at the Marion Institute online bookstore.

For more on these events, view our photo and video clip gallery below. You can also watch the entire Providence presentation by clicking the video player below.

FULL RECORDING: Providence, RI October 2, 2019

VIDEO CLIP PLAYLISTS (available on MarionInstituteTV)


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