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wholebodydentistrybookWhole-Body Dentistry is an attractive and well-executed lay-person’s guide to sensible dental decision-making. Written in a refreshingly open, simple and accessible first person style, the author’s passion, dedication and vast clinical experience is abundantly clear.Whole-Body Dentistry is logically and compellingly organized starting with a personal account of Dr. Breiner’s journey from an advocate of the “party line” offered by conventional dentistry to an advocate of wellness through data-based (not politically correct) choices. Believing that “if you wish to understand the body and healing, you must be willing to explore and learn from new ideas and from your patient’s responses”, this book serves another function as well. It documents the admirable course which every healing professional should take from predigested teaching to courageous exploration which follows wherever the data leads.

Our culture is currently in the midst of a great paradigm evolution. Scientism (rigidly adhering to dogma) battles science (which dares question all previous truths fearlessly). This is beautifully exemplified by the tension between “conventional” and “alternative” medicines. Practitioners like Dr. Breiner, by following their patient’s clinical realities in integrity, despite personal cost, light the path to the new options for excellence.

But Whole-Body Dentistry does more: by offering simple, clear and concise information it informs and opens possibilities for patients who wish to become active and knowledgeable participants in their health care. Nowadays there are so many new dental procedures, such as a LANAP – a minimally invasive laser gum treatment, it can be hard knowing what medical procedure is best when a patient has to make a decision about their health. This book helps them understand more about their choices and guides them into making the one that is most beneficial to them. Abundant clinical examples illustrate the points of each chapter nicely.

This is a book free of bombast or apology which eloquently provides an essential guide to new concepts and better choices. Written for non-professional audiences, the quality of the information is high enough to provide useful orientation and direction for professionals as well.

This patient education book belongs on the shelves of professionals and in the hands of the public. I recommend it highly.

Rima E. Laibow, MD, Medical Director,Alexandria Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine, Croton on Hudson, NY

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