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570 lbs CO2 Per Year

$52 Savings Per Year

Short Description

Wearing an extra layer is actually worth about 2° in your home. That’s 2° that you do not need to heat your home, that you can save on utility bills!

Long Description

We know it’s cliché, and we apologize…but you can’t argue with efficiency fact! Wearing a light sweater is actually worth about 2° in home heating. And a heavy sweater—even a hokey, 80’s-style, ugly, heavy sweater—adds about 4°! For most of us, the days of lounging around in underwear during the winter are behind us. It is simply too costly. Every degree you heat your home costs real money over the course of the winter, about $26, in fact. Happily, dressing snuggly will help you reduce the need for these costly degrees! So pull out your fluffiest sweater, and feel snug and smug about saving money, energy, and a lot of unnecessary CO2 emissions!

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