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The food system is multifaceted and impacts everyone. It is important to get involved in the local food movement now, especially given the impacts of climate change, an increasing global population, elevated diet-related diseases, and real economic struggles we all feel. There are many different ways you can take action that will make a huge impact on the lives of the people in our region.

Are you interested in policy?

Do you want to grow food and raise chickens?

Do you want to buy local foods?

Volunteer at a food pantry?

Organize your town to compost food scraps?

Do you want to help recover food from restaurants to deliver to food banks?

Do you want to take action to halt climate change?

Find your place in the food system with any of the options below:


Join the Southcoast Food Policy Council to inform regional food system strategy and take legislative action

Food Security: Need help to afford food or find food?

Growing Your Own and Buying Local

Alice Waters, chef and author, said, “I came to all the realizations about sustainability and biodiversity because I fell in love with the way food tastes. And because I was looking for that taste, I feel it is at the doorsteps of the organic, local, sustainable farmers, dairy people, and fishermen.”

Are you interested in growing fruits and vegetables?
Find a community garden near you at or find green space in your community and initiate a community garden.

Are you interested in raising chickens or goat?
Investigate your local Agricultural Commission and learn about a particular Agricultural Commission, view Right-to-Farm bylaws, Agricultural Commission formation bylaws, and more.

Are you interested in buying local and supporting local farmers?

  • Find your local farms at (Southeastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership). Some farms have farm stands to buy directly from the farmer. They are a non-profit that also helps farmers to continue to learn and take classes and helps farmers apply for grants and could use your donations. For a list of places to buy local seafood by town:
  • Go to, our local Food Hub that gets the food from farmers, aggregates the food, and makes it available to the public at the New Bedford Farmers Market, the online farmers market, and a mobile farm stand. Farmers often do not have the time or staff to be at farmers’ markets, which is helpful to everyone. They are also a non-profit, and you can support them financially.
  • For a list of farms that raise locally raised proteins (lambs, chicken goats, beef, and more)

Food Waste and Recovery

Are you interested in gleaning or harvesting from a local farm?

Are you interested in volunteering in food recovery? Working to divert food to social service agencies and food providers

Are you interested in composting?
For people in New Bedford and Dartmouth, check out the backyard composting at and following instructions for composting at

Do you want your town to compost?
Check out who is composting in MA:
and then talk to your town and a partner such as to start town composting.

Food Pantries

 Are you interested in volunteering at a local food pantry?

Climate Change

 Are you interested in climate change and what you can do locally?

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