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The Mastate Charitable Foundation (MCF) is located in the small, rural community of Mastatal in the Central American country of Costa Rica.  MCF was founded in 2004 to advance benevolent, educational, sustainability-related and scientific efforts in challenged areas in and around the town of Mastatal and the adjacent La Cangreja National Park.  The area’s economy has historically been based on subsistence agriculture though is diversifying due to need and an effort to create a more resilient future for residents in the region.  Large tracts of forest have been preserved and protected largely by the demanding topography of the region. In some ways visiting Mastatal is like stepping back in time. Events happen slowly, thoughtfully, with a bit of planning, and as the locals say, thanks to luck or God.

MCF works alongside local residents to develop policies, projects and strategies to make the region more economically, financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.  Since 2004, MCF has funded a number of community improvement projects that have reduced debt for the town government, expanded and beautified the community center, renovated the secondary school, put new roofs on low-income residents’ homes, installed solar electric and other home-scale alternative energy systems, and contributed profoundly to the growing regenerative infrastructure of the region.  MCF has also awarded numerous small grants through its Central American Scholarship Program for regional youth and adults to participate in relevant community development workshops, sponsored yearly, free medical and spay and neuter clinics, funded a local beekeepers co-op, and fundraised for local sports and public safety organizations.  The design and construction of the Community Learning and Sharing Center (CLSC), a local library and public space in the center of Mastatal, is MCF’s most ambitious project to date.  The structure was erected using local labor and resources and is home to scores of Spanish books and a space where local entrepreneurs can operate and market their businesses. The CLSC is becoming the social center of town and a place that all community members can be proud to call their own.

MCF is helping to consummate a beautiful vision about how a community may responsibly grow.  Thank for you for your support and please don’t hesitate with questions about our work.

Saludos y abrazos,

Timothy O’Hara
Mastate Charitable Foundation Project Leader
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