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Eat locally grown food by joining a CSA!

Spring is the perfect time to join a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture program, and enjoy fresh local produce throughout the coming months. In a CSA, or Farm Share, you pay at the begining of the season to recieve a hearty weekly share of delicious veggies, greens, and depending on the farm, sometimes even fruit, meat, or cheese! Thus you are essentially buying a “share” in the farm’s harvest for the year. Most CSA’s run for three seasons, Spring through Fall, but some are year round. This system is a win for everyone involved; the farmer gains critical funding in springtime, to purchase seed and generally prepare for the long growing season.In addition, the farm is ensured a stable customer base for its products in the coming months. In return, those who bought into the CSA enjoy the freshest produce at an overall reduced cost.

CSA prices generally range from about $400-$700 per year, depending on the lenght of the season, and the volume and type of produce (CSAs offering meat and cheese tend to be more costly). Many farms offer customers the option of purchasing a half share at a corresponding lower rate, as well as other occasional benefits including farm visits, “pick-your-own” days, and other special events. Help reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions from transporting produce, while helping your local agricultural economy and enjoying the freshest food in town!

Learn more about CSAs and hte local food options available to you at, or at

You will be helping to reduce CO2 emissions resulting from the very long trips that most produce makes from farm to table, as well as supporting your local farm and economy!


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