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Concentrated organic food, as a food complement and nutritional support.

EVELIZA contains 50 nutrients at different concentration levels, which include; 20 vitamins21 minerals, including trace minerals and 20 amino acids containing the 9 essential amino acids. LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE YOUR FOOD.


Our cells require high quality and quality of nutrients to perform optimal tissue restoration and maintenance. This occurs when Alen® and Eveliza® are part of our diet. They are quality food with high nutritional value, which produce overall wellness and longevity, free of illness. These super food are two cereal compounds that support cell and tissue regeneration, help stabilize metabolic processes, and promote wellbeing. Contain Natural Ingredients.

NO Artificial Colors, NO Artificial Flavors and NOT Preservatives. No Cholesterol, No Sodium, No Sugar And Fat Free. Not Trans Fat. NOT GMO (100% NATURAL).

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