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Leaving the refrigerator door open while you decide what to eat is a huge waste of energy!

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How many times have you come home with a hungry belly without quite knowing what to eat? Or how long have you left the fridge door open because you’re trying to find that one bit of food that you know is in there but can’t see? Do you often get out an item but leave the door open because you’ll only be using it for a few seconds?

If you leave the refrigerator door for longer than what it takes to take what you need out then you are wasting energy. In many homes, no appliance uses more energy than the refrigerator, which can be responsible for producing up to 1,500lbs of CO2 a year.

Approximately up to one-third of the cool air inside of a refrigerator escapes every time you open the door. And the longer you leave it open the more cool air escapes. The more you let cold air out and warm air into a fridge, the more the fridge has to work to bring the internal temperature back to the desired level.

This also has the knock-on effect of wearing out your refrigerator much quicker than it should, because it is working harder than normal to bring the temperature down. This means it has a higher chance of breaking down and you’ll have to call on a repair company like to fix it. Or you may even have to replace your fridge entirely and cause more of an environmental impact.

Keeping your refrigerator door closed is an environmental no-brainer! Organize your refrigerator so that your food is easy to see and access, and always take a minute to decide what you want to eat before opening the fridge. Lastly, don’t leave the fridge door open when you aren’t using it, even if it’ll only be a few seconds while you pour something out.

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