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by Thomas Rau, MD, Medical Director, Paracelsus Clinic

All of us at Paracelsus believe that the panic surrounding the Swine Flu is largely unnecessary and that the actual threat posed by the Flu has been exaggerated. The Swine Flu has been around since April and still it has NOT turned into a serious epidemic, nor has it done sever damage to many individuals. The “deaths” in Mexico have NOT been analyzed or published. All the patients in Europe who WERE infected did NOT have serious problems.

So far the Swine Flu has been much less harmful than the normal seasonal flu. And the rate with which it spreads is far slower then was anticipated. While the Swine Flu itself has been less harmful then anticipated, the Swine Flu Vaccination could be VERY dangerous. We STRONGLY recommend that you do not get the vaccine. It is produced out of a new virus, the effect of which has NOT been evaluated. The vaccination has NOT been validated or tested as it should have been. The authorities claim that there is not enough time to test the vaccine and therefore it must be given to the population without proper testing. This is an excuse. The Flu is not enough of a threat to justify giving a poorly tested vaccine to the public.

The risks of vaccines, especially ones with little testing, are clear from past examples. In the past, other viral vaccinations, after months or years of use, were shown to have serious side effects. Some vaccines have been taken off the market due to side effects, but not until after many people were harmed.

Examples of Vaccines Gone Terribly Wrong:

  • The Measles vaccination has been linked to Autism. This was discovered only years after the vaccine became in use.
  • The Hepatitis B vaccination raises the frequency of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the vaccinated population by 80 times!

At Paracelsus, we strongly urge everyone to avoid getting the Swine Flu Vaccine. Using Biological Medicine, we have better means and medications to prevent and treat viral infections.

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