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Eat Local Southcoast Challenge

Eating local food may sound trendy, but more and more it is becoming a priority to strengthen our local economies, increase access to healthy food, and reduce harmful environmental impacts. The localness of our food is critically important for building a region that is resilient to climate change, reflects the local farm landscape we love and value, and provides a more reliable food supply chain.

Community education about the myriad benefits of eating local and supporting a regional food system is the foundational work of the Southcoast Food Policy Council. We all may have a general sense of the benefits of eating local – healthier diet, safer consumption, nutrient dense foods, social responsibility and local impact – but often the ease of running to the nearest grocery can overshadow these positive benefits, regardless of our best intentions. Until NOW…

Want to test your will, form new food purchasing and eating habits, and have fun while doing it? Join the Eat Local Southcoast Challenge! WE challenge YOU to eat food from a 200-mile radius for 30 days, August 1 – 31, 2023.

How it works – when you register for the Eat Local Southcoast Challenge you will receive weekly emails full of tips and resources, including:

  • Where to find local food and how to cook it;
  • Learn about “The Journey of Food in the Southcoast” through suggested resources;
  • Share your experiences with other participants via social media using the hashtags #EatLocalSouthcoast and #EatLocalSoCo and be sure to tag Marion Institute;
  • Get involved in the local food system through volunteer opportunities.

Invite your family and friends to join you in the Eat Local Southcoast Challenge and let’s #EatLocal Southcoast together!

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