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About the Greenhouse Initiatives

The Marion Institute is a non-profit that acts as an incubator for progressive programs that create deep and positive change in the world. These Greenhouse Initiatives represent a diverse array of interest areas and have had a lasting impact on individuals and nations.

We helped Wangari Maathai turn her passion for tree planting and community-building in Kenya into the global Green Belt Movement that swept through Africa and spread around the world.  In 2004 Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her work.  We helped Van Jones launch his Green For All program and expand the reach of his Green Jobs initiative in our local area. Our Himalayan Project raised funds to rebuild a whole Nepali village after the devastating earthquake of 2015, and Cambodian Living Arts restored culture and community in the Cambodian diaspora 40 years after a devastating civil war.

On nearly every continent, operating on every scale, Marion Institute’s Greenhouse Initiatives have expanded the capacity of dozens of non-profits, and helped to positively impact millions of lives. We apply our skills, our passion, and our network to strengthen capacity, expand impact, and turn great ideas into great works, creating progress at every phase.

If you would like to bring a worthy organization to our attention, fill out this form and send it to

Please consider making a donation to support the goals of one of our Greenhouse Initiatives – or simply support the overall work of the Marion Institute.


Coalition for Health Equity & Early Development

The Coalition for Health Equity and Early Development (HEED) is dedicated to engaging and empowering all stakeholders from diverse sectors and families as a collaborative community dedicated to developing every child’s human potential.

Ubumuntu Arts Festival

Ubumuntu Arts Festival is an annual event held in Kigali, Rwanda during the second week of July. It serves as a powerful tool for promoting communication, expression, reflection, innovation, and creativity, with the aim of driving social change.

Kyaro Assistive Tech

Kyaro Assistive Tech designs, manufactures, and delivers personalized assistive devices that allow people with disabilities to connect with the spaces around them.

The Mindful Collaborative

Mindfulness in action - engaging compassionately with the self and the outer world, empowered to make choices that affect individual and collective change and support well being for all.

The Norma G. Canner Foundation for Voice Movement Therapy

VMT works with individuals in their entirety, recognizing that, as the body is host to the voice, it is necessary to re-embody that voice, not just from the diaphragm up, but through a holistic engagement of body, mind and soul.

STEAM the Streets

STEAM the Streets is a dynamic outreach initiative inspiring and activating underrepresented youth to pursue STEM / STEAM career pathways.

The Himalayan Project

BUILDING BACK BETTER. Read more about THP's progress in rebuilding after the 2015 Nepalese earthquakes devastated the region. THP raises critical support towards the preservation of the cultural traditions of the indigenous people of the Himalayas through education, community development and social outreach.

Taktse International School

The mission of Taktse International School is to develop a diverse community of self-motivated students and teachers who have a passion for excellence, inquiry and life long learning.

Lawrence Arts House

An expressive arts studio in Lawrence, MA providing a space to create, learn, grow, & enact change through the arts.

The Mastate Charitable Foundation

Advancing benevolent, educational, sustainable and scientific efforts in the Mastatal community and La Cangreja National Park.


A Kenyan NGO and UK charity using performing arts and community programs to inspire and deliver social change.
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