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Paracelsus Pain Treatment is Different – Finding and eliminating the causes

by Dr. Thomas Rau, Paracelsus Clinic

As a contemporary phenomenon, every clinic employs its own “pain specialist” or has its own “pain treatment center”. Seemingly, pain is by far more widespread than it used to be in former times – or did people simply bear more back then? No, of course, they didn’t. It is today’s medicine, diet, and lifestyle that actually do form the base for proneness to pain! If we are injured our bodies heal less quickly too, which means that the pain we experience can last much longer. At least if the injury is a result of someone else’s actions you can contact someone like this springfield personal injury attorney to get compensation, to help you with the cost of your pain management. There are potentially a lot of people who experience muscle pains too (or dolores musculares if you speak Spanish) than we actually think. Some people suffer in silence, whereas others acknowledge it is best to seek medical attention or find varies ways to manage the pain.

However, taking a look at these pain treatments it seems that for the more part they are simply designed to suppress pain – leading to “morphine management” and the implanting of small pumps that serve to continuously inject analgesics. However, all kinds of opiates foster inherent degenerative forces and even encourage pain metabolism – creating chronic patients!

We also treat numerous pain patients, especially those suffering from tumors e.g. with cancerous bone infiltration, i.e. metastases. Still we actually never use morphiates (= synthetic substances with effects similar to morphine) at our clinic. So, do we simply let our patients suffer? No, of course we don’t. You may also be aware that some who suffer from cancer or tumors may also use CBD oil UK to manage their pain too. Of course, other variations of CBD from America, Canada, etc may also be used to help combat the pain the body is feeling. Acting similarly to morphine, CBD calms the body and helps it relax, reducing the amount of pain felt, however, it’s not a controlled drug like morphine and doesn’t have any lasting side effects. It’s a great medicine to use when at home to manage pain, rather than when at the clinic.

It is one of biological medicine’s most wonderful side effects that it changes metabolic processes and profoundly restructures the organism’s “inner milieu”: towards the alkaline and physical regeneration. And an alkaline milieu and regeneration reduce pain!

Change the milieu – reestablish the intestines

Pain has got a cause that is based deep inside the metabolism – and changing the milieu helps to change this.

Our treatment is mainly based on inherent endorphins and the tissue’s acid-alkaline-balance. The body itself is capable of producing pain-relieving substances, such as steroids in the adrenal gland, serotonin in the intestines, and other morphine-like nerve substances formed from valuable amino acids and Omega-3-oils, which we can significantly improve by applying our supportive treatment.

Intestinal reestablishment is the core aspect. The bowels, our largest organ, deacidify our body, produce our endorphins and stimulate our ability for recovery. Consequently, all our patients who suffer from degenerative, painful conditions as well as our cancer patients are generally provided with supportive treatment to reestablish the intestines – and of course with a specific diet, our tried-and-tested diet according to Dr. Rau (vegetarian food, sparing dairy products and refined sugar).

Pain occurs when our body undergoes degenerative processes. Degeneration produces acid equivalents, makes us feel “sore” – and acids irritate the nerve endings. At the same time, reestablishment – i.e. regeneration – requires an alkaline histoid milieu. Therefore, our patients generally undergo alkaline treatment, especially those who suffer from pain and degenerative diseases or cancer.

It is absolutely amazing to see how even severe pain conditions can be alleviated within days or weeks by applying our Paracelsus alkaline infusions, changing to an alkaline, vegan diet, or local, alkaline-stimulating injections containing procaine – these are our highly effective neutral therapies!

Another phenomenon is the fact that we are usually able to quickly and impressively change pain by rehabilitation treatments:

We find the simple concept of the three pillars in biological therapy to also be effective in the treatment of severe degenerative and chronic conditions!

Example: gonarthrosis
A perfect example is our ENDORET® treatment (also known as PRGF treatment). An elaborate centrifugation process serves to derive the growth factors (for cellular regeneration) from the patient’s blood platelets. These are then injected to the part of the body that is base of painful degenerative processes.

For example gonarthrosis: our physicians have elaborated an injection therapy, which serves to sustainably free patients who suffer from gonarthrosis that requires surgery from pain and provide them with lasting motility by applying very few injections containing a combination of said platelet factors, an alkaline substance and specific products that encourage the formation of cartilage.

Holistic Pain Treatment

by Dr. Stefan Rupp, Paracelsus Clinic

The term “pain treatment” covers all kinds of therapies that result in the reduction of acute or chronic pain. Experience proves holistic medicine (complementary or integrative medicine) to be a most valuable, suitable and successful option especially when it comes to treating pain. In holistic pain treatment, the therapeutic approach is most successful by incorporating acute symptoms as well as the pain’s underlying causes and treating both of these aspects equally. However, in order to counteract pain successfully, it is indispensable to choose from a variety of treatment possible options the most effective one for each individual case and to apply it purposefully.

Holistic pain treatment offers a vast range of approaches to be applied that are derived from both, complementary as well as orthodox medicine. Early holistic pain treatment might even prevent chronic pain. With this being said, if you are not yet sure about whether this is something you want to go ahead with, you’ve always got options such as using CBD products that companies such as pharmorganics have to offer. Plus, checking out their blog here could give you more guidance. Be sure to do your research before committing to anything, as your health should be your top priority.

It is thus important to treat acute pain as early and effectively as possible. Essential in this context is the holistic approach that considers body, mind and soul. Apart from counteracting the pain, holistic pain treatment also always strives to find the condition’s underlying cause. Traumata, improper dietary habits, metabolic problems, environmental impact, injuries, disorders of the immune system and – in rare cases – also genetic disposition are some of the key aspects that all together might contribute to the occurrence of pain. Profound diagnosis in complementary medicine can serve to identify and treat such aspects specifically.

A therapeutic holistic concept, specifically designed for the individual patient, promises to be most effectively. It will have to make acute symptoms and, in particular, the causes that triggered to the pain currently suffered part of the treatment. For good results, it is crucial to choose the best approaches for the individual patient from numerous options and to combine and apply them properly.


Neural therapy

Neural therapy makes use of the autonomic nervous system’s inter-connectedness. Mild and short-term local anesthetics (usually procaine) are injected into the aching parts of the body, the autonomic nervous system’s bundles of nerve fibers. This temporarily deactivates the pain or the functional disorder. In case the structures of the organs have not been damaged too much, the incorrect pain program can thus be deleted and the normal one can be retrieved.

Traditional Chinese pain treatment

Even today, TCM still sees the pathophysiology of pain formation as a distorted balance between Chi (the flow of vital energy) and blood (Xue), which is caused by exuberance or deficiency, external or internal pathogenic factors. With respect to successful treatment, it is of utmost importance if e.g. headaches caused by acardioemia or general muscle pain are to be treated. In correspondence with the underlying cause, the so-called acupuncture points are then treated with needles. Additionally, herbs (in most cases) based on Traditional Chinese Medicine might be administered.

The acid-alkaline-balance and pain

Naturally, there is a vicious circle, in which the formation and maintenance of pain take place. The nerve axons located in contaminated matrix signalize pain, and each kind of pain causes stress with those who suffer from it. Stress again leads to fear, fear of tension, and tension again results in more pain. The sympatheticotonus, which is increased with pain patients, reinforces the given anaerobic metabolic situation, and – as a result thereof – further overacidification of the tissue. Just by counteracting and rebalancing this chronic overacidification, pain can be reduced sustainably and thus its cause can be treated.

These are only some very few of the options holistic pain treatment offers – may it be as a sole measure or combined with orthodox approaches.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a patient at the Paracelsus Clinic, please contact: Barbara Christian, Patient Coordinator, at

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