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Recipe: Cold Avocado And Cucumber Soup

Recipe: Cold Avocado and Cucumber Soup

This cool, creamy summer soup requires no cooking. A swirl of goat yogurt mixed with some extra minced dill or fresh chives would make the perfect garnish. Serves 4 Ingredients:…

Recipe: Cauliflower-Celery Root Bisque

Recipe: Cauliflower-Celery Root Bisque

Celery root, which is sometimes called celeriac, is a very alkalizing root vegetable that’s excellent both grated raw and cooked. If you have trouble finding it in your market, this…

Recipe: Carrot-Ginger Soup

Recipe: Carrot-Ginger Soup

From the Swiss Secret to Optimal Health by Dr. Thomas Rau with Susan Wyler: Carrot-Ginger Soup A subtle hint of curry seasoning enlivened with fresh ginger makes this pretty orange soup…

Recipe: Braised Kale With Carrots And Potatoes

Recipe: Braised Kale with Carrots and Potatoes

You'll be surprised how savory and satisfying this simple vegetable stew is. Serve with quinoa, millet, or steamed rice. Makes 3-4 servings Ingredients: 1 large bunch of kale, preferably lacinato…

Pain Treatment

Pain Treatment

Paracelsus Pain Treatment is Different - Finding and eliminating the causes by Dr. Thomas Rau, Paracelsus Clinic As a contemporary phenomenon, every clinic employs its own “pain specialist” or has…

Nutrition: Sugar! An Increasingly Important Topic

Nutrition: Sugar! An increasingly important topic

by Sonja Bacus, Nutritionist, Paracelsus Clinic Throughout the past 50 years, we’ve been living in a world which considers it increasingly normal to consume denaturized food. Without knowing it, we often…

Lyme Borreliose And Its Biological Medicine Treatment

Lyme Borreliose and its Biological Medicine Treatment

Lyme Borreliose and its Biological Medicine Treatment An Article by Dr.Dr.Frank Pleus, MD DDS,  and Dr.Thomas Rau, MD, both Paracelsus Klinik Lustmühle, Switzerland Introduction from the Paracelsus Biological Medicine aspect:…

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