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LoveYourBodyBookLove Your Body: Your Path to Transformation, Health, and Healing provides a holistic understanding of the life-sustaining systems that support wellbeing in your body, mind, and spirit. It begins by looking at those individual physical systems within the body that maintain and contribute to optimal health. Then it looks at the context in which healing takes place and the different tools and practices readers might consider using along their journey. Dr. Barry Taylor has practiced Naturopathic medicine in the New England area for nearly four decades. Many people go to a Naturopath Kingston to help them find a more natural way of healing their bodies. He has lectured internationally on topics of holistic health and wellness, and has taught courses throughout the United States. Since 1981 more than ten thousand people have participated in his Love Your Body workshop, which he designed as a comprehensive detoxification method that considers the multifaceted nature of our lives.

Dr. Barry Taylor is a trained Naturopathic Physician and healer who has practiced Naturopathic Medicine since 1978. His conventional and alternative diagnostic and therapeutic skills have continually proven successful with many complicated conditions such as weight management, allergies and compromised immune functioning, hormone imbalances as well as digestive and musculoskeletal challenges. He is passionate about educating, guiding, and teaching his clients, how to make healthy, effective choices that keep them mentally and physically strong, and vital throughout their lives.

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