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Dr. Melina Roberts ND, has developed a revolutionary program that introduces infants and toddlers to food that helps them develop their bodies and health.

Many parents feed their children as if they’re adults, without ever thinking that perhaps they should not be eating like a fully-grown adult. The truth is, however, that organs and body systems mature at different times, which means nutrition needs at different ages vary. If you are looking to transfer your infant to formula, you may want to look at the difference between American & European baby formulas to find out which will be more nutritional for your child.

In this guidebook to promoting optimal health in infants and toddlers, you’ll learn how to:

take advantage of the benefits of breastfeeding;
avoid foods that can cause infants problems, such as grains, wheat, soy, corn, refined white sugar, and cow’s milk;
introduce solids to infants and toddlers;
decrease the likelihood of children developing allergies, eczema, asthma, and chronic disease.
Most parents want to give their children a head start in life, but they too often neglect the most important area-nutrition. They introduce certain foods too early and feed their children poor-quality food, promoting a disastrous cycle of bad health.

Help your children develop into intelligent, successful, and healthy adults with the insights and guidance in Building a Healthy Child.”



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