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Are you toxic?


The American Center for Biological Medicine invites you to take part in the

Liver Detox Week


Sally Hunsdorfer receives the Wells College Association Award for 2014!

Each year the Wells College Association of Alumnae and Alumni award an alumna/alumnus with their WCA Award. The Award Convocation happens during Reunion and is attended by all alumni and friends back on campus for the festivities.

The WCA announced the recipient in the fall. You may read the announcement on the WCA...

Serendipity Projects

Creative Lives

Creative Lives brings new tools for unleashing human potential to public school educators and youth. Our whole systems approach is based on the work of Philosopher Ellen Tadd and includes specific means for cultivating extraordinary focus, well-being and creative expression.

Taktse International School

The mission of Taktse International School is to develop a diverse community of self-motivated students and teachers who have a passion for excellence, inquiry and life long learning.

Marion Institute Blog

'Beyond organic' farmer keynote speaker at Connecting for Change conference

By Ariel Wittenberg | September 14, 2014 | Standard Times / SouthCoast Today  Nature is the best teacher. That's the philosophy of farmer and author Joel Salatin, who will be the keynote speaker next month...

Sweet Potato—Pine Nut Spread

From the Swiss Secret by Dr. Thomas Rau: Sweet Potato—Pine Nut Spread What we call a sweet potato is really a deep orange yam, and they are full of vitamins and minerals and low in fat.  This is a...

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