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Janisse Ray to Speak at CFC!

We are proud to announce that our newest keynote for CFC 2014 is famed author, naturalist, and activist Janisse Ray!  Author of four books including Ecology of a Cracker Childhood and Wild Card Quilt: Taking a Chance on Home, Ray interweaves her personal stories of family, poverty, and her relationship with the natural world around her such as the long-leaf pine forests and swamps of the South. Her latest book is...

Support Grow Education

The City of New Bedford has been incredibly supportive of Grow Education and the schools involved.  These schools are ready to try something new.  They are ready to build a school garden, incorporate it into curriculum and utilize it as a community hub.  However, they lack the financial resources....

Serendipity Projects

Creative Lives

Creative Lives brings new tools for unleashing human potential to public school educators and youth. Our whole systems approach is based on the work of Philosopher Ellen Tadd and includes specific means for cultivating extraordinary focus, well-being and creative expression.

Taktse International School

The mission of Taktse International School is to develop a diverse community of self-motivated students and teachers who have a passion for excellence, inquiry and life long learning.

Marion Institute Blog

Staying Sharp As We Age

Heidi Rula, M.D. and The Integrative Heath Center Team University of Arizona Integrative Health Center A forgotten name, a lost set of keys, a word that just won’t come to the tip of your tongue - have you had...

15 Organic Foods That Won’t Make You Healthier: Why You Should Look Beyond The Label

By Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD HealthHub from Cleveland Clinic The organic food market is booming. In 2011, sales of organic food reached $30 billion, according to the Organic Trade Association. For consumers...

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